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Innovation through Inspiration



Health Republic is a virtual Republic. Virtual in a geographic way but still very real. A place where Health, Healthcare & Technology meet. Where smart people feel, think, invent, build and implement smart solutions. Solutions that connect the worlds of health & healthcare , improve the quality of healthcare and the lives of people. 

Our goal is to make the world a healthier place with the help of smart technology. Technology not as a goal at itself but as the ultimate helper. 

We are the people of Health Republic. Passioned, inspired, driven, engaged and creative. We are on a journey to innovate health and healthcare. A journey that brings us in people’s lives and profession. 

Will you join us on our travels? Let's make the world a healthier place!

Health Republic - Innovation through inspiration


Innovation for Health(care)


We help your organization with strategic advise, innovation consultancy, interim innovation management or challenge sessions to become your future self and implement the path towards that goal.



Our Consultants, (IT, Medical Technology and Facility) Managers and Project Managers have a vast experience in the Healthcare market and understand the field of today and the world of tomorrow. From helping your organization to change to guarding the stability, we know (y)our business. 


Maarnse Grindweg 38

3953 LW  Maarsbergen (Maarsbergen Estate)

Tel: +31 (0) 6 12 92 80 95

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