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Introducing: Expert Pass

Many times you don't have a concrete assignment, but you want to have experience and knowledge on board that is out there. Experience, knowledge, insights and inspiration that are unique or that are difficult or expensive to build and keep in your own organization.

You don't have that project with the well described aimed goal or the budget for an interim professional for a few days a week, but you want to have access to the network and brains.

For these questions that many organizations have we introduce the Expert Pass. For a fixed amount a month you fill in this need. It costs a lot less than hiring for a few days a week and also than having your own fulltime employee and it offers maximum on boarding of knowledge about innovation in healthcare, IT, Healthcare communication, Outsourcing, Healthcare in general, Strategy & Management, Logistics or i.e. Facility.

Get in touch and be informed about the most Efficient and Cost Effective solution to help you constant improve your organization, innovate and open a new network that helps you grow.

We can't wait to start supporting you!

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