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In times of trouble...

2020 is a year of sorrow for many people. Covid-19 has the world in it's grip. Covid-19/Corona, a term that most people never heard of until the beginning of this year. Since then it has taken over the news and impacted all of our lives in an enormous way.

The impact of sickness and health risks on people's lives, social distance, polarization and the economic impact of a situation we have rarely been in before. These are the themes we are all aware of every hour of the day. In these times of trouble it's important to help each other get through this, but also look forward and keep building on the best healthcare system in the world. Focus on the health in healthcare and prevention is more important than ever.

Within the Health Republic network some things we have been working on for many years like Telehealth, remote work, collaboration, exchange of information and working together in a more efficient and people centered way got an enormous lift. Although the direct reason is the most terrible you can imagine.

Offices transform to clubhouses, we make less car miles and we learn quickly how to be flexible in how we manage our work and private lives. At Health Republic we work hard to contribute to all of these themes so that we maybe also get long-lasting benefits out of this, for many people, disastrous situation. Hopefully a vaccin will soon be available, so we can rebuild our socially and economically dislocated world to a better one than before. We definitely need 20/20 vision for that. And in the mean time remember, 50 years ago four English guys used words that are more true than ever : In times of trouble......when the night is cloudy, there is still a light…


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